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Welcome toAdvanced Healing Centers new patient center!

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In this area of the website you have the option of filling out your patient historypaperworknecessary for your visit prior to arriving, in the comfort of your home.

See Our 3-D Spine------------------>
Take a look at our 3-D spine on the right of this screen. Click on launch to open the animation and click on the area of the spine that is causing you pain. You will find all of the organs that are associated with that area that might be affected by the pain in your back or neck. We all forget that the spine houses all of the nerves that run to all of our organs. Maybe your sinus congestion has more to do with your neck pain. Or your stomic problems are associated with your low back pain. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

Webill all insurance plans in our office.

Currently, we are not contracted with some of the larger insurance companies such as BC/BS, Aetna, and Cigna etc.All of these insurance companies have major medical benefits.Which means that you may have to meet a deductible prior to receiving coverage.We will assist you with affordable payment plans. Wecan call to verify benefits andsome plans might give us the details ofwhat coverage your plan offers for out of network providers. It is best if you contact your insurance company for that information.

Dr. Eliahas chosen not to participate in these plans due to the restraints he wouldbe subjected too. Dr. Elia is a committed physician who will spend the amount oftime he deems necessary to treat each patient and each condition. That might mean 20 minutesor it could mean 45 minutes. Therefore, he choosesnot to be forced into accepting conditions that would force him to see a higher volume of patients, spend less time with each patient,at a lower reimbursement rate. This is not the type of enviroment orserviceDr. Elia wishes to practice.
We are committed to making our care affordable for all of our patients regardless of insurance benefits or economic circumstances.
Of course we do accept all:  

Auto insurance PIP claims
Workmans Comp claims
As well as these commercial plans:

Horizon BC/BS NJ State Benefits Plan (after $100. annual deductable has been met)

We do not accept Oxford and Health Net