What Services we Offer

Vincent Santo Ferrauvinny__2__1_1.jpglogokaia_1_1.jpegharrypicture_1_1.jpgDr. Harry Elia

Phone: 201-599-0881

Facilitating Physical Mental Emotional Spiritual & Wellbeing

What We Offer

1. Shamanic Healing: Journeying and guided mediation/soul retrieval and past; life healing totem/animal and spiritual guide retrievals.

2. 7 Element Healing: TBM allergy and food sensitivity
elimination/organ energetic balance and function.

3. Intuitive holistic counseling: Life path and purpose
clarification relationship counseling/guidance.

4. Nutritional counseling and whole food supplementation

5. Musculoskeletal balancing: Acupressure massage chiropractic

6. Individualized Qi Gong programs: Meditation breathing
practices/energy movement