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Dr. Elia's book



In healing yourself you must first make a decision to CHANGE. As my healing mentor Dr. Victor Frank would say," if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you'll keep getting what you’ve always gotten, MAKE A CHANGE!” If you're concerned about being healthier, your path must be to change. The conscious thought of changing your life and your lifestyle is the first step to being healthier. The true ancient Chinese saying from the Tao Teh Ching # 64 is, “a journey of a thousand leagues starts from where your feet stand ”. So the “first step” is your conscious decision to change. The direction and focus that you put your mind to will influence the life force-Chi body in that same direction. Having a health crisis is like being on a runaway train heading for a cliff. It is not good enough to just close the windows, put earplugs in, and continue to enjoy the ride. You must DRASTICALLY CHANGE THE TRACK to avoid the cliff. The more serious your health crisis the more you must change and the stricter you must be in your lifestyle.

Many scientists have studied and tried to create markers for longevity. Most of their work concerns the genetics of mankind. Genetics are only a prediction of your lifes’ POTENTIAL longevity. Using genetics as an indicator of longevity also assumes that the circumstances of food, air, water, chemical pollution and other environmental and emotional factors are exactly the same. Change those factors, increase, circulate and balance your life force-Chi-Body, and ALL BETS ARE OFF! This is borne out by an example of a couple that both reached the ripe old age of 114. When the best geneticists exhaustively studied their genetics, it was found that they had some of the worst genetic cancer markers. The males’ genes for colon cancer were among the worst. Yet besides one small patch a of slow growing skin cancer problem he was alive and healthy at 114. The woman's genes were even worse. If she had taken the test when she was in her 30s they would have suggested she remove her breasts because her cancer markers for breast cancer were so significant. Yet these two people survived and thrived regardless of their genetic markers. There are quite a few examples of pockets of intrinsic people around the world who outlive their modern brothers and sisters and do not have the use of any modern medical or technological “advantages”. I have also studied, practiced and witnessed personally a man named Kwan Sai-hung. Who at 90 years old has the facial skin of a baby, and is strong in both his body and his mind. Most people in our society that reach 90 are frail and dependent on drugs and artificial means to keep them alive. Kwan Sai-hung is a lifelong practicing Taoist who spent many years on the mountains of China as a Taoist monk and martial arts practitioner. He maintains the "bull-like” strength of men much younger then him into his ninth decade.

I believe as the ancients did, that mans’ longevity potential ranges from 100 to 150 years. What we do to our life force energy and to our physical body reduces that to 50 to 70. If we can "turn back the clock" as far as pollution, nutrition and practice ancient virtues and exercises, we can truly extend our genetic predictions. I have briefly outlined seven areas that if worked on and improved will benefit not only longevity but allow you to enjoy the miracle of your physical and immortal Chi body while you live. The remaining chapters of this book will give you detailed breathing and Chi-Gung exercises. This book is loaded with information and practices to help you improve your health. To improve your health however, you must make a conscious effort to change and daily work on the practices that are outlined here. Health, longevity, and being “young when you are old” are all within YOUR power.



a). Chi-gung, tai chi, meditation,
b). Taoist thoughts on serenity, virtue and a balanced life.


a) Processed modern food
b) Clean the digestive tract and detoxify the liver
c) Eliminate refined sugar
d) Food combining and gluttony (overweight)
e) Juicing and raw vegetables
f) Whole food supplementation


a)Balanced emotional energy
b)Pacing (life is a marathon not a sprint)
c)Letting Go of the past, unbalanced belief systems, and past hurts
d)Being present


a)Breathing, increasing oxygen and energy.
b)Clean air; trees, pollution and smoking
c)7 Element Breathing Practices (this chapter)


a)Move the Chi
b)Hard (ballistic) exercises in youth, Soft Eastern exercises for aging youthfully
c)“Fire within Water” exercises
d)Walking the best exercise


a)Pure Clean Water
b)Hydrate the system
c)Water and hydration enhance life force body communication


a)You are the CEO of your body; direct your body and energy
b)Open your heart and love yourself and others
c)Connect to the rhythm of nature