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Hoilstic Mystics

Vincent Santo Ferrauvinny__2__1_1.jpglogokaia_1_1.jpegharrypicture_1_1.jpgDr. Harry Elia

Holilstic Mystics in Harmony

Vincent was an indoor (special) student to the late Taoist Master Y.P Dong, and studied extensively with Master Sifu James W McNeil. Vincent is certified to teach Buddhist and Taoist qi gong and meditation, Chen tai chi, and traditional Chinese acupressure and massage. He is also an ordained interfaith minister and a certified reflexologist. He has trained intensively with John Perkins and Llyn Roberts, and is a certified shamanic healer and counselor. Vincent has made numerous trips to Siberia and has become a recognized and well respected member of the indigenous community there. He has collaborated and been on radio with tribal member Eileen Janis, who manages Sweetgrass Project, a suicide prevention program on the Oglala Sioux Reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. Vincent has been coaching and counseling youth and adults since 1995.

Dr. Elia is a licensed Chiropractor and certified Naturopathic Physician, in practice for over 25 yrs. He is a certified TBM Practitioner and the founder of 7 Element Healing. 7 Element Healing is a healing system that combines ancient Taoist teaching and modern energetic healing practices. Using the concepts of the I-Ching and modern kinesiology, Dr. Elia can detect imbalances within the life force (chi) and helps to restore balance and health. Currently Dr. Elia is writing a book about his 7 Element Healing.